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About Tuff Pools

Tuff Pools™ offers a portable pool that has been the leader in quality and design since 1991!

Tuff Pools is a great alternative to an in-ground pool! Tuff Pools offers a portable pool designed to last and function like an in-ground pool. All of our equipment, accessories, and pluming are very similar to that of an in-ground pool…but at a fraction of the price.

We are committed to offering additional value to your swimming experience. With such exclusive features as the View Pool, Tuff Stone, Swim Fit System, and much more, it’s easy to see how Tuff Pools is REVOLUTIONIZING THE ABOVE GROUND INDUSTRY!

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  • Exclusive frame design, and the only pool on the market with an inter-connected frame which locks the top, sides, bottom and corners together for maximum strength.

    This design offers installation flexibility with our unique pivoting corner design for un-level installations. Our pool is a solid structure, with or without water!

  • Full functioning through the wall skimmer with 1 1/2" rigid plumbing, heavy-duty basket and weir, and 90-degree vacuum plate.

  • Heavy duty German made PVC coated vinyl with a polyester weave for additional reinforcement. 35 MIL on sizes up to 13x21, and 40 MIL on sizes 13x25 and larger.

  • Our quality is backed with a Lifetime warranty on the liner, and a 20-year warranty on the hard parts.

  • Tuff Pools™ offers a wide variety of round (4), rectangle sizes (8), and view pool sizes (3) in stock, as well as additional sizes available through special order.

  • No nuts, bolts, or screws needed for assembly, and can be set up in under an hour with no tools!

       Rectangle Tuff Pools  

The rectangular sizes in the TUFF POOL line have the most durable frame design available today.

Tuff Pools offer a completely inter-connected frame, which lock in the top, sides, and bottom rails.

Our absolute commitment to quality products and service, along with cutting edge innovation, is how Tuff Pools is REVOLUTIONIZING THE ABOVE GROUND INDUSTRY!

  • 9' x 13' x 4'
  • 9' x 17' x 4'
  • 9' x 21' x 4'
  • 13' x 21' x 4'
  • 13' x 25' x 4'
  • 17' x 30' x 4'
  • 13' x 47' x 4'

       Round Tuff Pools  

Our round TUFF POOL design is the only design like it on the market.

With only two metal hardware parts, a top rail and a leg, our round pool is simple to install and is extremely durable! Our round Tuff Pool line offers you the most pool for your money.

Tuff Pools offers a pool that has been a leader in quality and design since 1991 .

  • 13' x 4'
  • 15' x 4'
  • 20' x 4'
  • 24' x 4'

       Tuff Pool's "Tough Stone" System  


The Tuff Stone system
will transform your
outdoor living experience.

Tuff Stone is the affordable solution to dramatically change the appearance of your backyard.

This product is a durable, three dimensional, artificial stack stone.

It is maintenance free, minimal assembly required and can be applied to the whole pool, or just partial sections. It can be added to any new OR existing Tuff Pool.


      Tuff Pool's "View Pool"  


This is the only soft-wall pool on
     the market with Viewing Windows.

View Pool adds fun
and enjoyment to your
family's swimming experience.

The viewing windows allow swimmers to see out and increased visibility by those supervising from outside the pool.

Offers visibility to a refreshing swimming environment, creating a much more aesthetically pleasing pool.

  • 20' x 14'x 4'
  • 12' x 24' x 4'
  • Round: 15' x 4'

       Tuff Pool's "Swim Fit" Pools  

Looking for an
affordable solution
to at home Open Water Swimming?

Customers have realized the benefits of swimming in place at home in the Swim Fit System from Tuff Pools. Triathletes have always seen the value of training on their own time without crowded lanes and flip turns. Therapists frequently recommend aquatic exercise in warm water for treating injuries and for rehabilitation.

By installing the Swim Fit pool outdoors you and your family can train, swim, relax and cool off, during the dog days of summer. As the weather cools off you can move the pool indoors to a garage and continue to train year round.


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