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Warranty - Is there a Difference?


The word warranty may be the most abused word in the spa industry. Many warranties may seem to be a good warranty until you read the fine print. You are making a very expensive investment and you want to make sure it is a quality product that will last a long time. If there is a problem you will want to make sure that there is someone standing behind it.

Insist on being provided with  a copy of the spa warranty before you purchase. All dealers are required by law to provide you with one, even though some are reluctant to do so. Make sure it states all the legal disclaimers and is not just a warranty highlight page.Take it home and read it.  This will tell you a lot about the spa you are considering. Good spa warranties cover both parts and labor for the entire term.  Others are parts only you pay the labor which can be very expensive. Some are prorated after a short period of time. Some require substantial co-payments after a period of time. Your warranty will only be as good as the company that issued it and the service company that will carry it out.  You will be amazed at the difference between them.  Quality spas have quality warranties.    Stay away from manufactures that play games with their warranty. You will be sorry in the long run

All spas carry several  different warranties that apply to different aspects of the spa. Each one varies in length and is subject to certain limitations.  Some of these may include:

Spa shell or structure (usually only covers  complete shell failure due to water loss)   This will be  the longest warranty and many times the first warranty a sales person will recite to you.  It usually does not mean much. Most of the time it only applies to a complete structural failure of the spa shell resulting in water loss though the vessel. This is a very rare failure and would never happen  to a quality built  spa.   Don't get sucked in by a long term structure warranty. It doesn't mean much.

Surface warranty on the spa shell. (covers cracks, bubbles, delaminating and cosmetic issues on shell) This is the most important warranty of all. This warranty covers most of the things that can happen to the shell. If there is a problem here the spa will usually require replacement. Read it carefully. Many claim long term warranties but have many disclaimers, large prorations or applicable change out expenses. A good warranty will offer solid protection here. A good manufacturer will cover surface for at least 7 years with very few disclaimers. A companies reputation means everything here. A quality manufacture will gladly replace a defective product if one should occur, while others will do everything they can to keep from doing so.

Spa plumbing (usually covers leaks in plumbing) Make sure both parts and labor are covered. Parts are cheap labor is expensive. Many exclude labor after a period of time. Many charge a trip charge after 90 days or one year. A quality spa will be covered for   parts and labor for at least 5 years. A leaky spa is no fun.  Good spas don't leak

Spa Equipment. (usually covers pumps, motors, heaters, blowers, control packs etc) This is the trickiest warranty of all. Make sure it covers both parts and labor. Make sure it is not prorated. Make sure trip charges do not apply after a specified period of time.

 Make sure the equipment is covered by the manufacturer who made the spa, not a Third party equipment manufacturer. Many manufacture's have a practice of passing along their warranties from their individual equipment vendors and make you deal direct with them if you have a problem. This usually does not provide very good warranty coverage. If their is a problem with the equipment you will be stuck dealing with a third party vendor that may or may not cover the repair. Many have lots of disclaimers about chemical corrosion, water damage  etc. which void the warranty. It is wise to buy a spa that is covered completely by its original manufacturer. Look for a straight forward equipment warranty. Be careful if it is not. 

Exterior cabinet (covers spa exterior) Many have none at all.  Most wood cabinets offer 90 days or 1 year for manufacturer defects (not cosmetics). Some of the new maintenance free sidings offer longer term warranties up to 5 years.

Accessory items (usually covers ozone purifiers, TV units, Stereo systems, Misters, Fiber optic lights packages, etc.) These areusually excluded from the spa warranty and require you to deal with the individual vendors if there is a failure.  Ask which accessory items are covered, for how long and what the process is if a claim should arise.   

Spa covers  Most manufactures do not cover the warranty on the spa cover.. The cover is usually considered an accessory item and warranted by the vendor they get it from. If a warranty issue arises it usually has to be handled through the cover manufacturer.  Cover warranties range from 1 to 3 years for material and workmanship. There may be a shipping charge should an issue arise. 

Bottom of spa  Most spas have no warranty on their bottom. Some are covered by the exterior warranty. 

Miscellaneous items (Jets, Pillows, Filters, light bulbs fuses, hose bibs etc.)  Most warranties exclude these type  items from the warranty.

Good spa manufactures back their spas up with a quality warranty.  Stay away from those who don't.


Bottom line

Buy from a respected spa dealer in your community that carries a quality national brand spa line that is backed up 
with a good warranty.

Remember you will usually get what you pay for.